1. Q: How to make a booking with Flightsnfare?

Ans - Planning to travel different places across the world means choosing the best travelling services at affordable prices. Simply just log into the website of our portal www.flightsnfare.co.uk and view our web pages and get yours name registered. You can also find the best flight services which are feasibly under your budget. If you come across any problem in booking the best flights, then you can make a call to us at 0203 475 1750 and our subordinates will be ready to assist you. There are various questions which get arousal due to interrupted misunderstandings and sayings by different people. But we try to solve each and every bit of your confused thought.

2. Q: What is the confirmation that my booking will take place?

Ans - If your booking is confirmed, then you will receive an email from our travelling agency which will contain all the relevant details and will be forwarded to you within the four hours of yours last schedule. In any case, if you face any kind of difficulty then you may contact us.

3. Q: If I am booking my flight through phone, will I be payable to any pricing charges

Ans - We at FLIGHTSNFARE do not charge any single penny, in case you have booked your flights through phone

4. Q: What are the exact procedures in getting my flight tickets booked?

Ans - We at ABC LTD, will surely guide you in taking the right choices. Thus, you may go for E-ticket and at the same time you may book your flight tickets on our web portal. In any case, you may get one out of these two abovementioned tickets little faster and easier.

5. Q: What if I didn't receive the tickets till the last date of booked schedule?

Ans - This might not be the case with our online travelling agency naming (Flightsnfare), as we believe in fulfilling the needs of the clients at first step and then with effective working do avail them with flight tickets at ease.

6. Q: What would happen in case, if the ticket of mine got transferred on someone else's name?

Ans - As per the amendments prescribed in legal acts, the changing of name of any individual on airway ticket is not possible and is highly restricted. In case of emergency, you can book another ticket on the name of concerned person and cancel your previous flight ticket.

7. Q: How to find the airline details about my arrival and departure?

Ans - Since, all the necessary details relevant to the confirmation of your ticket at ticket counter would be mentioned in the confirmation email, which you will receive. From your arrival to seat number and departure and many more details would be mentioned in the confirmation e-mail. If you face any kind of problem in fixing the ticket, then simply contact us.

8. Q: Will the money for my ticket would be refundable if I cancelled them at the last moment?

Ans -Yes, the money which you spend on buying the ticket through our web portal would be returned back to you at time of its cancellation.

9. Q: What is the age criteria for infants and children?

Ans - The age criteria for infants as well as for kids is (0-1) years and (2-11) years and is relatively noticed during the period of travel. Since, infants are not allotted with any seat, parents or guardian hold the responsibility of keeping them safe with themselves.

10. Q: How to reconfirm my flight status?

Ans - For reconfirming the status of your flight, you may directly go the prescribed airlines before (72 hours) before the time of yours departure.

11. Q: What types of documents are required by me to receive tickets from the ticket counter?

Ans - At the time of receiving tickets from the ticket counter, you are required to carry legal documents which must consist of driving license, passport, residential status and Xerox of your tickets which you booked through net banking or with the help of debit/ credit cards.

12. Q: What are the different types of payment methods while buying the tickets?

Ans - Yours flight tickets can be booked through various means. For an example, you may opt for cash payment in our office and you can book the tickets through net banking or bank transfer. And payment of the card can be done by the customer through E-pay link .

13. Q: What will be the exact charges of my meals?

Ans - At the time of booking, if you have clearly mentioned yours meal preferences. Then you may get the confirmation about all such details at your confirmation mail.

All these are the questions that do incur and perturbs the brain of every individual and we at FLIGHTSNFARE do have the answer to all these never ending question. Trust us because we are the agents of change, we not only make people see different locations around the world but do guide in choosing the best things when they travel.

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