4 Best Places around the World Apt For Solo Travel!

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Choosing a destination for a solo trip can be tiring, frustrating, tedious and overwhelming too! A challenging task that is more difficult than going on a trip itself. One day you might feel going for a beach destination, other day you will feel like trekking the hills. But fret not, for we have got your back.

After lot of researching and consulting our expert travel consultants, we have curated a list of the best holiday destinations that are perfect to travel solo:

Sydney, Australia           

A world-class city with its own perks, Sydney has an amazing reserve of places to see and things to do, especially for the solo traveler. Take a stroll by the Harbour and admire the other iconic Australian landmark – the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Go to Sydney Aquarium to catch a glimpse of underwater marine life and you can enjoy a glass bottom boat ride or you can even go for shark reef snorkeling. For food, head to Quayfor a deliciousAustralian seafood meal.

San Francisco, U.S.A

Vibrant, upbeat and friendly, San Francisco is made up of everything nice. With its curved streets and locals that are extremely amicable will give all those travelling solo an upbeat time. Walk the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, ride a cable car, converse with locals or enjoy the city`s fantastic weather as you cycle down the winding lanes.Shop for souvenirs or relish the local food at Fisherman`s Wharf or take a rickshaw ride, while you are there. One of the best holiday destinations, San Francisco is a must visit for solo travels.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Experience the warm hospitality of Asia that represents a unique mélange of modern and traditional in Kuala Lumpur. Set in a vibrant ambience, this cosmopolitan city is further adorned with glitzy skyscrapers. From the wild woods of Borneo to the dizzying heights of the Petronas Twin Towers, there is so much to do here for the solo travelers. You can shop at one of the best holiday destinations to your heart`s content. Visit Bukit Bintang, where you can shop till you drop or gamble the night away at Genting Highlands, the choice is completely yours. Put on your walking shoes, as it is the best way to explore the city.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Known for its chic cafes, stunning canals, rich culture and narrow cobblestoned alleys, Amsterdam is every youngster dream come true. You can take a guided walking tour around the city, which is the best way to explore Amsterdam and meet new people. For the history buffs, visit the Amsterdam Historical Museum, Anne Frank House or simply hire a bike and ride around the city. Also do not forget to taste couple of delicious Dutch cheese and Stroop-waffles.

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Take a Round Trip from London to Sydney in Just 17 Hours

flights from London

We all want to travel around the world, but the most of us get turned off by the number of stopovers taken by flights. Especially when travelling from London to Australia. But with Qantas, it is now possible to fly from London to Australia non-stop.

Yes, so say Sayonara to stopovers because with the maiden Qantas QF9, you can conquer the trailblazing 14,498km journey in just 17 hours. Around 200 passengers experienced the first ever direct connection between Australia and United Kingdom with the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, making it the longest aeroplane route in the world along with cutting down all those pesky time-wasting stopovers.

Qantas has always connected Australia through United Kingdom with regular flights from London for more than seven decades. The special route called the ‘Kangaroo route’ has been coined only to refer to the airline`s signature livery that also had an array of stops which the aircraft had to hip between on the long journey.

It is a game changing route that will provide a direct link to Europe in shortest duration. The first flight took four days and nine stops when the airlines had created the Kangaroo Route to London in 1947. But with the new route it will only take 17 hours from Perth, non-stop.

For those who have to travel frequently and book flights from London to Australia can now cover more distance in less time. Also non-stop flights from Qantas will provide much needed boost to Western Australia`s travel industry. British visitors have typically arrived in Sydney or Melbourne but couldn’t make the five-hour journey across the Nullarbor coast to the West coast.

Now Brits can easily find their way to the Land Down Under and can spend some time in WA before moving towards east. Qantas is also offering a free stopover in Perth to those who are travelling from London to Melbourne. This is a breakthrough for the travelers who often bogged down by long duration of travelling. Now you can book flights from London to Sydney to travel Australia in just 17 hours through Qantas. To book flights, visit flightsnfare.co.uk, now!

4 Spectacular Heritage Properties to Stay In Rajasthan

Filled with opulence, cavalry, palaces, forts and folk tales of royals who once ruled the lands, Rajasthan is the epitome of romantic adventure. The magnificent palaces and mighty forts, adorned with lush gardens and secret passages has been attracting curious tourists since many years, making it one of the top holiday destinations in the world.

Book cheap flights to India and soak in the grandeur of cobblestoned streets and magnificent palaces erected by the lakeside this year at these exotic boutique hotels in Rajasthan:

ALSISAR HAVELI- Heritage Hotel, Jaipur

Promising the ultimate luxurious experience, Alsisar Haveli, with its 45 tastefully done rooms is like a dream come true. The palatial abode in Rajasthan was once belonged to a nobleman, thus justifying the amazing construction with intricate Rajasthani details that dominate the décor. Surrounded by the alcoves and beautiful courtyards around the property, the Haveli takes its guests on a journey down the memory lane through the royal corridors.

top holiday destination

Location– Alsisar Haveli, Sansar Chandra Road, Jaipur


Another amazing top holiday destination, Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is also known as ‘the Golden City’. Complementing the color of the city, the Golden House is a luxury boutique hotel that is best known for its excellent location, elegant interiors and warm hospitality of its staff. From taxi rentals to travel assistance, the hotel is known for their efforts to make every guest feel special. Striking an amazing balance, the hotel boasts of traditional architecture coupled with modern amenities.  There is a roof-top restaurant that has some delicious offerings for your taste buds and spectacular views for the eyes.

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Location-28, C.V.S. Colony, Opp. Collectorate, Jaisalmer


Another gem of Rajasthan, Jodhpur has been a matter of fascination for its visitors since the very beginning. Home to the magnificent ‘Mehrangarh Fort’, Jodhpur is one of the top holiday destination favored by globetrotters and has plenty of places that are breathtaking. To perfectly enjoy the sightseeing, stay at Rohet Garh Hotel. This extravagant property is a heritage property that once belonged to the rulers of Rohet. The hotel has 36 well-equipped rooms that exude grandeur and opulence that once these rulers had enjoyed. The structure is further surrounded by lush green laws, nature trails and manicured gardens. The restaurant offers some mouth-watering delicacies spanning national and international cuisines.

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Location- Rohet Garh P.O. Rohet, Dist. Pali


By looking at the gorgeous Madri Haveli, it is difficult to say that this quaint historical place is over 300 years old. Located in the heart of the Udaipur city nearby Lake Pichola, the hotel has 2 suites and 14 luxurious rooms. Also the hotel gives its guests an easy access to tourist shops and famous food joints, along with an experience that is uber luxe.

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India is a large canvas of vibrant landscapes and Rajasthan is the most delightful one. One of the top holiday destinations, Rajasthan is in every traveler`s bucket list. So tick the ‘land of Kings’, off your bucket list this December and book cheap flights to India from our website flightsnfare.co.uk.




5 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore might appear small, but when you are out there in this amazing country, commuting from one place to another attempting to beat the crowds, it is easy to miss out on some of the most beautiful locations. These beautiful sights have much history and beauty in these places that are definitely worth exploring.

If you have booked cheap flights to Singapore then here is a list of places that are not-so-famous but truly make Singapore different from any location:

Henderson Waves

Henderson Waves is part of a walking trail that connects the various parks in the Southern Ridge of the Singapore. The bridge is visually appealing and has won many accolades for its aesthetic beauty. It brilliantly blends with the surrounding flora and fauna. The bridge is also one of the highest pedestrian bridges in the country and offers stunning views of lush forest and the skyline as far as the eye can see.

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For those who are looking for Instagram-worthy spots will find CHIJMES most appealing. CHIJMES has always been admired for its stunning architecture and white-plastered walls that makes the place immaculately photogenic. The place is a hub for many chic restaurants and provides various dining options too. You can book a direct flight to Singapore from London and incorporate this into your itinerary.

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Changi Boardwalk

Located right by the sea, Changi Boardwalk is situated at the easternmost tip of Singapore. Adorned by the giant and old trees on one side along its 2.2 km distance, this trail offers some of the most panoramic views.  One can enjoy a mesmerizing sunset and a splendid sunrise that shine upon a vast area. Next to the sea is verdant vegetation which makes this an idyllic place.

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The Pinnacle@Duxton

This beautiful public housing estate has been appreciated and has won numerous awards for its brilliant architecture and it is not difficult to see why. It is tall and further enhanced by the vertical shape and slim appearance. There are two sky bridges that are used for jogging and various other activities and many tourists come here to enjoy the panoramic views of the city center.

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Mount Faber

If you want to take a cable car, you will land or depart from the slope of Mount Faber. The highlight of this place is that you get to witness the most scenic and panoramic views of the Central Business District. You can also admire the view of the southernmost islands by using telescopes that are located all around.

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Visiting Singapore can be an enticing experience and if explored well, you can have a good time here. So if you are looking to visit the country on a budget then you can book cheap flights to Singapore from London by visiting our website flightsnfare.co.uk.  

These 4 Cheap Destinations Are Worth Exploring In December 2018

This is that time of the year where a good part of July is already spent on attending meetings with August lurking around the corner and September waiting in the queue. And if you are one of those people who spend their entire day in liking pictures of your friends who are enjoying the new places and discovering interesting activities at new places, then this article is perfectly for you.

If your inner traveler is still breathing and you are looking for the places where you can simply have a good time and good pictures without burning a big hold in your pocket, then keep reading. While August is a peak season when the tourism sector witnesses a bloom, September is the ideal month to pick up a great bargain, especially in Europe. With nice accommodation and lowest airfares you can sneak out the best thrifty vacation.

Although the temperature remain soaring, the prices begin to drop which is why it makes sense why should you get one last vacation before Christmas in one of these places:

  1. ALBANIA- There couldn`t be a better month to visit Albania, a country which is going to be as popular as Hawaii in the near future. Thus visiting this hidden gem while it is still a good bargain is a smart decision. With plenty of cheap flights from London getting here is extremely easy and a trip to Albania can also save your few bucks. From historical cities to natural landscapes the country has it all.                                             cheap flights from London
  2. LA PALMA, CANARY ISLANDS- La Palma is every budget traveler’s dream come true. It obscurity is what makes it more appealing for the backpackers and those who are looking for a thrifty affair. Although La Palma is not famous like Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote, it is considered the most beautiful. The major attractions here are free, which means you can get a great deal. You can book cheap flights from London to reach the Canary Islands.              cheap flights from London
  3. MEXICO CITY, MEXICO- The main reason behind the blooming tourism scene in Central America is the steadily falling Peso against the dollar. With the average cost of a meal as little as $5, Mexico has seen expansion in the number of tourists over the past few years. There are plenty of cheap holiday resorts that provide a nice stay under budget, offering a good value for money.         cheap flights from London
  4. SOFIA, BULGARIA- The capital of Bulgaria has the feel of the European city but it comes at a fraction of the price of popular cities of Europe. With rich culture and arts, the Balkan capital is the place that is going to make headlines and top the popular tourist destinations in 2018-2019. The capital city of Bulgaria is a place where even backpackers can afford some luxuries. Many of the major attractions here are either free or cheap.          cheap flights from London

If you are looking for a destination as beautiful as Italy, Paris and London but as cheap as Laos, then these places will definitely provide you an escape, you are looking for. To book cheap flights from London try to book your tickets beforehand. To get the best deals, visit us at flightsnfare.co.uk. Book your flight tickets today!

How Neighborhoods Of Istanbul Got Their Names

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Wearing its rich culture and historical past as a crown, the proud city of Istanbul has lots of interesting stories behind the names of its neighborhoods. Just like its streets, its neighborhoods also have a significant meaning behind them. If you are planning to travel Turkey and looking for London Istanbul flights, then it will be an interesting read to find out how these popular neighborhoods got their names.


As soon as you cross the Galata Bridge, you will stumble upon Istanbul`s busiest neighborhood –Eminonu. The town which is famous for the New Mosque and Spice Bazaar has an amazing fact behind its name. During the Ottoman era, it was a center of trade and mainly inhabited by sailors and traders. The neighborhood had various custom houses to control the taxes, records and storage called Emins and thus the city got its name ‘Eminonu’, which means ‘in front of the custom houses’.

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The joy of Istanbul`s Asian side, Kadikoy is a small town which has begun to gain popularity amongst the visitors, especially the very young and cool Moda district. Kadikoy is Istanbul`s oldest settlements and its history dates back to around 675 BC when the Phoenicians ruled the area and called it ‘Carhadon’ and later ‘Chalcedon’. When Ottomans conquered Constantinople, the name was changed into ‘Kadikoy’.

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Ferikoy is an upmarket residential neighborhood where high-rise luxury apartments overlook the graveyards and historic churches that belong to a very different era. During the Ottoman era, the town was inhabited by the Greek Orthodox and received its name from a French merchant by the name of Monsieur Ferri. The town got its name due to 18th-century mansion that was built by Ferri, thus Ferikoy.

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Located on the European side of the Bosphorus coast, Tarabya is another residential neighborhood which is famous for its fish restaurants and beautifully constructed historical churches. During the Byzantine era, the area was a complete natural landscape and thus considered as rehabilitation spot. The place was officially named ‘Therapia’, in the 5th century by Pattriarch Attikos, which translates to therapy in Greek. With time, the name was transformed into the Turkish version, Tarabya, but this neighborhood still reminds of its Greek influence.


Anyone who has visited the Grand Bazaar must be familiar with its famous honorific column – the Column of Constantine, which was built in the honor of the establishment of Constantinople. Constructed from porphyry blocks, which is found only in Egypt, the column was damaged due to multiple acts of vandalism and natural disasters. In the 19th century, the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid I had rings attached to the column for support, thus giving this town its name Cemberlitas, which literally translates to rock with hoops.

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To read about interesting stories related to a city and its neighborhoods will make your visit to Turkey more interesting. If you are still looking for the best fares for your London Istanbul flights, then visit our website flightsnfare.co.uk and book your tickets now!