4 Best Places around the World Apt For Solo Travel!

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Choosing a destination for a solo trip can be tiring, frustrating, tedious and overwhelming too! A challenging task that is more difficult than going on a trip itself. One day you might feel going for a beach destination, other day you will feel like trekking the hills. But fret not, for we have got your back.

After lot of researching and consulting our expert travel consultants, we have curated a list of the best holiday destinations that are perfect to travel solo:

Sydney, Australia           

A world-class city with its own perks, Sydney has an amazing reserve of places to see and things to do, especially for the solo traveler. Take a stroll by the Harbour and admire the other iconic Australian landmark – the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Go to Sydney Aquarium to catch a glimpse of underwater marine life and you can enjoy a glass bottom boat ride or you can even go for shark reef snorkeling. For food, head to Quayfor a deliciousAustralian seafood meal.

San Francisco, U.S.A

Vibrant, upbeat and friendly, San Francisco is made up of everything nice. With its curved streets and locals that are extremely amicable will give all those travelling solo an upbeat time. Walk the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, ride a cable car, converse with locals or enjoy the city`s fantastic weather as you cycle down the winding lanes.Shop for souvenirs or relish the local food at Fisherman`s Wharf or take a rickshaw ride, while you are there. One of the best holiday destinations, San Francisco is a must visit for solo travels.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Experience the warm hospitality of Asia that represents a unique mélange of modern and traditional in Kuala Lumpur. Set in a vibrant ambience, this cosmopolitan city is further adorned with glitzy skyscrapers. From the wild woods of Borneo to the dizzying heights of the Petronas Twin Towers, there is so much to do here for the solo travelers. You can shop at one of the best holiday destinations to your heart`s content. Visit Bukit Bintang, where you can shop till you drop or gamble the night away at Genting Highlands, the choice is completely yours. Put on your walking shoes, as it is the best way to explore the city.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Known for its chic cafes, stunning canals, rich culture and narrow cobblestoned alleys, Amsterdam is every youngster dream come true. You can take a guided walking tour around the city, which is the best way to explore Amsterdam and meet new people. For the history buffs, visit the Amsterdam Historical Museum, Anne Frank House or simply hire a bike and ride around the city. Also do not forget to taste couple of delicious Dutch cheese and Stroop-waffles.

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4 Gorgeous Places In Peru That Will Make You Forget About Machu Picchu!

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Peru which is filled with various incredible ruins and natural wonders is finally getting its due fame. Discover the most beautiful sites that can make you forget about Machu Picchu.

While Machu Picchu is a popular destination, Peru doesn`t get to hog on the as much of lime light as it truly deserves. The country is home to myriad of magnificent ruins and beautiful landscapes along with many pre-Incan civilizations that have left their imprints on the landscape and culture.

Peru is not only one of the most beautiful destinations in the world; it is also one of the most bio-diverse in the world, dotted with beaches and arid deserts that spans to the Amazon rainforest and the Andes Mountains. So start looking for cheap flights to Peru because the destinations that we are going to mention below will definitely not let you sit back home:


Peru has always been a kind of a destination that embraces adventurers and so our first destination is definitely not for the faint hearted. To get a glimpse of Apu, which is a revered mountain, one needs to trek for a couple of days as it is one of the tallest mountains in Peru. So to get a closer look of the mountain, one requires some serious altitude climbing, but the views here are incredible.


With a similar construction as Machu Picchu, Choquequira is considered as Machu Picchu 1B. While Machu Picchu is quite accessible, Choquequira certainly isn`t. It will take a grueling hike to reach the top and the ascent in the altitude is rigorous and can be intense. But if solitude and scenery is what you are after, then you will be rewarded with spectacular scenes. If you start planning out early, you can get cheap flights to Peru.


Once, home to Spanish, this place is filled with Spanish architectural imprints. Once you begin to take a stroll across the area, you will find this fact pretty much evident. The colonial church and the president`s palace are just a couple of gorgeous buildings you can see here.


Amazon Jungle needs no introduction and we would not dare to make any. Come to the Peruvian Amazon and see the world once again with a child-like curiosity. We know that you have always been captivated by its sheer magnificence, so why not book cheap flights to Peru to bring your inner child back.

We know that it`s Machu Picchu that is always in the headlines for its eternal beauty, but Peru is nothing short of a magical wonder, either. To visit here, book cheap flights to Peru, which you can get from our website flightsnfare.co.uk, today!

Take a Round Trip from London to Sydney in Just 17 Hours

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We all want to travel around the world, but the most of us get turned off by the number of stopovers taken by flights. Especially when travelling from London to Australia. But with Qantas, it is now possible to fly from London to Australia non-stop.

Yes, so say Sayonara to stopovers because with the maiden Qantas QF9, you can conquer the trailblazing 14,498km journey in just 17 hours. Around 200 passengers experienced the first ever direct connection between Australia and United Kingdom with the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, making it the longest aeroplane route in the world along with cutting down all those pesky time-wasting stopovers.

Qantas has always connected Australia through United Kingdom with regular flights from London for more than seven decades. The special route called the ‘Kangaroo route’ has been coined only to refer to the airline`s signature livery that also had an array of stops which the aircraft had to hip between on the long journey.

It is a game changing route that will provide a direct link to Europe in shortest duration. The first flight took four days and nine stops when the airlines had created the Kangaroo Route to London in 1947. But with the new route it will only take 17 hours from Perth, non-stop.

For those who have to travel frequently and book flights from London to Australia can now cover more distance in less time. Also non-stop flights from Qantas will provide much needed boost to Western Australia`s travel industry. British visitors have typically arrived in Sydney or Melbourne but couldn’t make the five-hour journey across the Nullarbor coast to the West coast.

Now Brits can easily find their way to the Land Down Under and can spend some time in WA before moving towards east. Qantas is also offering a free stopover in Perth to those who are travelling from London to Melbourne. This is a breakthrough for the travelers who often bogged down by long duration of travelling. Now you can book flights from London to Sydney to travel Australia in just 17 hours through Qantas. To book flights, visit flightsnfare.co.uk, now!

Shopping Alert! 5 Best Shopping Places in Dubai

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The city of Dubai is an epitome of luxury amenities, modern infrastructure and traditional Islamic ethos. This cultural fusion is one of the top reasons that make Dubai a popular tourist destination on the global tourism map. An ideal place to relax and rejoice, the key attractions of Dubai are not only its splendid beaches, charming desert safaris but also an array of glitzy malls that are absolutely stunning.

These ultramodern mega malls and traditional souks are the reason why most of the people book flights to Dubai from London. So before you curate your shopping list, have a glance at the list of best shopping places in Dubai:

  1. Wafi Mall 

Established in 2001, the Wafi Mall which is located on the Oud Medha Road is one of the most unique malls in Dubai. Constructed in a distinctive Pyramid shaped façade structure, one can simply find an exquisite collection of artwork and Egyptian theme throughout the area along with the infamous Cleopatra`s spa. The mall has more than 345 stores of crafts, apparels, décor and accessories.

  • Dubai Mall

The world`s largest mall, which is located near the stunning Burj Khalifa needs no introduction. Almost every shopaholic and non-shopaholic must be aware of the glistening Dubai Mall. One of the best shopping malls in Dubai, the mall has more than 1200 luxury international and premium brand stores, an underwater zoo, Ice rink, Dubai Aquarium, Theme park, Reel Cinema, Dubai fountains and numerous restaurants. There are also Hershey`s Chocolate World and the Candylicious store for the chocolate and candy lovers. Can`t wait to get your hands on your favorite handbag or your favorite brand? Book flights to Dubai from London today.

  • Ibn Battuta Mall

Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, the largest themed mall of the world was designed in the honor of the Arabian explorer Ibn Battuta. The mall is one of the biggest shopping complexes in Dubai and is segregated into six sections – China, India, Tunisia, Persia, Egypt and Andalusia. The mall has around 275 stores and these dedicated sections were the regions that were travelled by Battuta, displaying many artefacts from every country.

  • Mall of the Emirates

With 475 premium stores of fashion, sports, lifestyle, home décor, multiplex cinema and magic planet kid`s play zone, the Mall of the Emirates offers a supreme shopping experience that is incomparable. The best part is Ski Resort where you can have the ultimate skiing adventure, a must for an unforgettable shopping experience.

  • Gold Souk

Gold Souk is one of the most famous souks of Dubai. The market is dedicated to gold and gold jewelry. Even if you do not have any plans to buy gold, the place is worth a visit. Located in Deira, it is adjacent to Dubai creek and comprises of covered walkways dotted with numerous jewelry shops. 

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Explore World`s 4 Best Scuba Dive Sites!

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Ocean, lakes, rivers, canals and sea, about 71 percent of the Earth`s surface is covered from water and the oceans hold about 96.5% of all Earth`s water. With coral reefs ablaze in color and fish that range from the largest whale to the cute little clown fish, there is aplenty of mysticism to be discovered underwater.

If Scuba Diving is what on your list waiting to be ticked off this year, then let us tell you about the best places in this world to do so. After all, your first experience should be unforgettable. All you have to do is find some cheap flights to the top destinations in the world for phenomenal diving experience:


Promising nothing but absolute serendipity, the Hawaiian Islands offer a whole different world underwater that is ready to be explored. Shielded by cliffs, its Kealakekua Bay has calm waters and striking marine life in abundance. The Honaunau Bay or the Two-Steps as it is called offers a two steps entry point to the sea which is filled with a rich variety of fish. Oahu Island offers world`s most beautiful beach as well as plenty of wreck diving opportunities. Book cheap flights to Hawaii, today!


Indonesia has some of the world`s best diving spots. The country is part of the most diverse marine ecology of the ‘coral triangle’ and thus giving tough competition to the best countries in the world. From the vibrant reefs that are alive with infinite varieties of fish in the shallow tranquil waters to the deep sea which is full of walls, pinnacles and mounts guarded by sharks, the country has something for everyone. If you want to experience the underwater magic, book cheap flights to Indonesia!


Famous for its Blue Hole – a submarine sinkhole which is one of the most well preserved marine ecosystems in the world; Belize attracts almost every kind of fish that keep adding to its marine diversity. However, this sinkhole is recommended for the advanced divers only as the sheer drop of the hole is a daunting 124 meters. Discover the multicolored stalagmites, stalactites, submerged caves, depressions and fish hideouts are waiting to amaze the seasoned diver. Visit the second largest Coral Reef in the world by booking cheap flights to Belize.


Known as the ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World’, Fiji has plenty of location for the adventure seekers. The best way to explore its marine ecology is Live Aboard Cruise. This cruise will take you to other destinations as well that are more difficult reach from land. Fiji has distinct sights that vary from place to place. Some places are completely serene and are perfect for the amateurs while other places experience strong currents that sweep up planktons and other nutrients towards corals, helping them to bloom even more beautifully. So when are you booking cheap flights to reach Fiji Islands?

The best way to explore the underwater world is Scuba Diving. We have picked our best places to take the plunge and now it is your turn to pick the one best suited for you. To book cheap flights, visit our website www.flightsnfare.co.uk.

3 Hottest Beach Destinations around the World to Welcome 2019!

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The best things about New Year are the celebrations that follow and the parties that never end. The happy times with family and friends, double up the fun. Although welcoming 2019 in your home is amazing, celebrating it by the beach side is even better.

Imagine a beautiful beach; you have never been before, which is completely unspoiled to ring in the New Year. While you are pondering over the idea, let us tell you about some of the exquisite and lesser known beaches that are perfect to welcome the New Year:

  1. Zakynthos Islands, Greece

An island which is located in the Greek precinct is bound to be beautiful. When it comes to the natural beauty, Greece excels and scored the highest. Similarly the Zakynthos Island in the Ionian Sea is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches you will set your eyes upon this year. From interesting names to their unmatched beauty will give you some serious second thoughts about your New Year plans.

The most famous of these is the Smuggler`s Cove or the Navaggio beach, which is the site of a 30 year old ship wreck. So book cheap flights to Greece and plop yourself down on a sun bed and dive into the eternal tranquility.

  • Varadero Beach, Cuba

Varadero Beach is a sun worshipper`s haven and if you think what makes it everyone`s favorite then let us enlighten you.  With warm inviting waters and more than 300 sunny days a year, Varadero Beach also has white sandy beaches that are ready to be explored. Book cheap flights to Cuba and visit Varadero which is one of the most popular beaches in Cuba.

Located around 140km away from the capital city of Havana, it is a famous resort town, which is situated on the narrow strip of land. Celebrate your New Year while relaxing on the beach or walking on the calm, sandy shoreline of Varadero. You can also play golf or go for scuba diving as the beach is clean and least crowded. 

  • Mafia Island, Zanzibar

This Zanzibar Island is as interesting as its name. For a new invigorating New Year holiday go to Mafia Island. Mafia Island is one of the best kept secret of Zanzibar and has a steady and devoted fan following. This little known beach is a part of the Tanzanian Spice islands which is located in the Indian Ocean and is an amazing adventure land for nature lovers. You can go for snorkeling or sailing here to feast your eyes on its spectacular coral reefs and sea life. Get cheap flights to Zanzibar to visit the Mafia Island.

So make your New Year special by visiting one of these places. Share you experience with us and let us know how useful you find this article. To book cheap flights, visit www.flightsnfare.co.uk.

4 Hottest Destinations to Celebrate Christmas This Year

When it`s December and Christmas looming around the corner of the year, it is time to start planning for a perfect Christmas celebrations. If you really want to celebrate your Christmas in a real sense this year then pack your bags and be ready to travel to some of the most amazing places in this world where the festival is celebrated with a zing.

As every good trip begins with a great destination, we are more than happy to help our readers select the best one. So here we are presenting the best places you must head towards this 25th December, if you are determined to light up your Christmas break:

Santa Claus Village, Finland

What else could be better than spending Christmas in the village of the Santa Claus only? However the village in not the only thing that you would like to explore as there is much more. Turn your Christmas vacation into an exotic holiday to Scandinavia or Finland, where you can spot an Elf or Reindeer.

Considering its close location to the North Pole, you can make the most of the golden chance of spotting Northern Lights and the fabled home of Santa. You can easily get direct flights from London, as tourists from all over the Europe head here to enjoy a snowy December 25th. To save on ticket bookings, plan in advance and book discounted flight tickets.

Zurich, Switzerland

Famous for watches and chocolates, Switzerland is also popular for its Alps Mountains and snow-laden views. Thus, there is no better time than the Christmas to indulge into both. Zurich is usually packed as it is the most preferred destination of many people during the Christmas festivities. From chocolaty delights to various other typical festive delights, one can find almost everything here. The Christmas markets will fill your heart with joy and hope and you kids will love the decorated Christmas trees with their twinkling fairy lights and the gorgeous views of the frozen Alps. Book flights from London to Zurich!

New York City, USA

For those who are culturally and intellectually stimulated, there is no better place to be in during Christmas than New York. The city bustling with amazing activities and sheer pace of energy is the perfect place to begin with the deadly shop-till-you-drop offers in various popular stores. After getting done with shopping move on to carriage a ride through Central Park and then brilliantly lit up Times Square. You can get flights from London to New York City from our website.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Be a part of month long festivities in Amsterdam! The Dutch have prolonged festivities that commences on 5th December till the 25th December. If the temperature drops further during the Christmas time, you can also enjoy ice skating on the city`s many canals. With lively parties, splendid shopping and great food, Amsterdam keeps the Christmas spirit alive and kicking. Book flights from London to Amsterdam!

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The 4 Most Stunning Towns & Cities of Turkey You Must Explore

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Turkey is filled with natural beauty in abundance. From dramatic cliffs to pristine beaches offering spectacular views, and an array of well-preserved ancient architecture, the country is one of the most unmissable countries to visit. If you want to take your family for a vacation where you can experience both European as well as Asian side, Turkey is an absolutely best choice.

Have a look at its most spectacular towns and cities that are definitely worth a visit:

  1. AMASYA– The small city of Amasya is best suited for those who are deeply in love and travelling with their partners. Dramatically situated in a narrow valley, the city is located on the banks of Yesilirmak River and provides a panoramic backdrop of mountains. The stunning setting of the town is perfect for those who are looking for romantic holidays. The town is filled with lovely Ottoman style houses that are built beautifully. Are you looking for romantic holiday? You can book cheap flight tickets to Turkey from London.cheap flight tickets to Turkey from London
  2. BOZCAADA- The city that has escaped the modernization of Turkey has retained the majority of its traditional architecture and buildings. A small jewel of an island in the Aegean Sea, the town features an incredibly gorgeous looking castle that dates back to 15th Dominating the skyline of the island, the castle is built on the ruins of several former palaces lending an opulent feel to the small, seaside town. The island is home to plenty of natural beauty, from the soft and sandy beaches to the gently rolling hills rising erecting from behind the clear azure sea. cheap flight tickets to Turkey from London
  3. ISTANBUL- Istanbul is Turkey`s most famous and popular city and features some of the most magnificent architectures of the Ottoman area. The city of Istanbul lies on the strait between the black Sea and the Sea of Marmara that constitutes a striking contrast between the calm blue waters and the buzzing city. Istanbul represents the intersection point where east meets west both culturally as well as geographically. The city is home to myriad of Ottoman palaces, mosques and churches that pay homage to the city`s diverse and fascination history. Thus, the city definitely deserves a visit. To book London Istanbul flights you can visit our website.London Istanbul flights
  4. SAFRANBOLU- Safranbolu is the little town that derived its name from the word saffron and the Greek word for city –‘poleis’. Once a major growing and trading centers of the precious spice, today, the town is best known for its exquisitely constructed sites and well-preserved houses. The town is notable for traditional Ottoman-style houses and has more than 1000 registered historical artifacts that also include toms, Turkish baths and several 17th-century mosques.cheap flight tickets to Turkey from London

These places not only hold historical significance but also are the most popular destinations in Turkey. Visit these beautiful towns of Turkey and get an insight inside the Turkish culture. Pack your bags and explore the extravagant Turkey. To book cheap flight tickets to Turkey from London, visit flightsnfare.co.uk. 





4 Spectacular Heritage Properties to Stay In Rajasthan

Filled with opulence, cavalry, palaces, forts and folk tales of royals who once ruled the lands, Rajasthan is the epitome of romantic adventure. The magnificent palaces and mighty forts, adorned with lush gardens and secret passages has been attracting curious tourists since many years, making it one of the top holiday destinations in the world.

Book cheap flights to India and soak in the grandeur of cobblestoned streets and magnificent palaces erected by the lakeside this year at these exotic boutique hotels in Rajasthan:

ALSISAR HAVELI- Heritage Hotel, Jaipur

Promising the ultimate luxurious experience, Alsisar Haveli, with its 45 tastefully done rooms is like a dream come true. The palatial abode in Rajasthan was once belonged to a nobleman, thus justifying the amazing construction with intricate Rajasthani details that dominate the décor. Surrounded by the alcoves and beautiful courtyards around the property, the Haveli takes its guests on a journey down the memory lane through the royal corridors.

top holiday destination

Location– Alsisar Haveli, Sansar Chandra Road, Jaipur


Another amazing top holiday destination, Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is also known as ‘the Golden City’. Complementing the color of the city, the Golden House is a luxury boutique hotel that is best known for its excellent location, elegant interiors and warm hospitality of its staff. From taxi rentals to travel assistance, the hotel is known for their efforts to make every guest feel special. Striking an amazing balance, the hotel boasts of traditional architecture coupled with modern amenities.  There is a roof-top restaurant that has some delicious offerings for your taste buds and spectacular views for the eyes.

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Location-28, C.V.S. Colony, Opp. Collectorate, Jaisalmer


Another gem of Rajasthan, Jodhpur has been a matter of fascination for its visitors since the very beginning. Home to the magnificent ‘Mehrangarh Fort’, Jodhpur is one of the top holiday destination favored by globetrotters and has plenty of places that are breathtaking. To perfectly enjoy the sightseeing, stay at Rohet Garh Hotel. This extravagant property is a heritage property that once belonged to the rulers of Rohet. The hotel has 36 well-equipped rooms that exude grandeur and opulence that once these rulers had enjoyed. The structure is further surrounded by lush green laws, nature trails and manicured gardens. The restaurant offers some mouth-watering delicacies spanning national and international cuisines.

holiday tour packages

Location- Rohet Garh P.O. Rohet, Dist. Pali


By looking at the gorgeous Madri Haveli, it is difficult to say that this quaint historical place is over 300 years old. Located in the heart of the Udaipur city nearby Lake Pichola, the hotel has 2 suites and 14 luxurious rooms. Also the hotel gives its guests an easy access to tourist shops and famous food joints, along with an experience that is uber luxe.

best holidays packages

India is a large canvas of vibrant landscapes and Rajasthan is the most delightful one. One of the top holiday destinations, Rajasthan is in every traveler`s bucket list. So tick the ‘land of Kings’, off your bucket list this December and book cheap flights to India from our website flightsnfare.co.uk.




5 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore might appear small, but when you are out there in this amazing country, commuting from one place to another attempting to beat the crowds, it is easy to miss out on some of the most beautiful locations. These beautiful sights have much history and beauty in these places that are definitely worth exploring.

If you have booked cheap flights to Singapore then here is a list of places that are not-so-famous but truly make Singapore different from any location:

Henderson Waves

Henderson Waves is part of a walking trail that connects the various parks in the Southern Ridge of the Singapore. The bridge is visually appealing and has won many accolades for its aesthetic beauty. It brilliantly blends with the surrounding flora and fauna. The bridge is also one of the highest pedestrian bridges in the country and offers stunning views of lush forest and the skyline as far as the eye can see.

cheap flights to Singapore


For those who are looking for Instagram-worthy spots will find CHIJMES most appealing. CHIJMES has always been admired for its stunning architecture and white-plastered walls that makes the place immaculately photogenic. The place is a hub for many chic restaurants and provides various dining options too. You can book a direct flight to Singapore from London and incorporate this into your itinerary.

direct flight to Singapore from London

Changi Boardwalk

Located right by the sea, Changi Boardwalk is situated at the easternmost tip of Singapore. Adorned by the giant and old trees on one side along its 2.2 km distance, this trail offers some of the most panoramic views.  One can enjoy a mesmerizing sunset and a splendid sunrise that shine upon a vast area. Next to the sea is verdant vegetation which makes this an idyllic place.

direct flight to Singapore from London

The Pinnacle@Duxton

This beautiful public housing estate has been appreciated and has won numerous awards for its brilliant architecture and it is not difficult to see why. It is tall and further enhanced by the vertical shape and slim appearance. There are two sky bridges that are used for jogging and various other activities and many tourists come here to enjoy the panoramic views of the city center.

direct flight to Singapore from London

Mount Faber

If you want to take a cable car, you will land or depart from the slope of Mount Faber. The highlight of this place is that you get to witness the most scenic and panoramic views of the Central Business District. You can also admire the view of the southernmost islands by using telescopes that are located all around.

cheap flights to Singapore from London

Visiting Singapore can be an enticing experience and if explored well, you can have a good time here. So if you are looking to visit the country on a budget then you can book cheap flights to Singapore from London by visiting our website flightsnfare.co.uk.